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Skin Care

Jessica Lau

C for Yourself Vitamin C Texturizing Serum

"I’ve always believed that people are born with great skin and one cannot ask for the world until…It was only after stumbling upon ‘C for yourself’ that I changed that thought AND my gloomy skin forever. I CAN have clear and glowing complexion. This serum is good on its own. I used it day, night and under my make-up. Every morning, I feel as if my skin was being replaced while I sleep…all in a matter of 3 weeks. What can I say? Do not lose hope as its all in your good hands, just ‘C’ for yourself."

Jeslin Phua

Advanced skin care range

"I have tried a number of products but they never gave me such good results like ASC. My skin is smoother now and doesn’t have breakouts like before especially during that time of the month. Thanks for introducing ASC to me!"

Helen Lim

Light Switch Lemon Skin Brightening Serum

"My skin tends to have breakouts and leave marks on my face. After using the Light Switch, I realized that there is a reduction of marks on my face."


Hair Care

Irene Yeo

Chamomile & Lemon Verbena, Victorian Emerald Cypress Shampoo

"My worries of my hair texture arose when I discovered my colored hair was 'desert dry' texture, flat and lifeless. Worst of all, I had flaky scalp but yet oily if I missed a wash daily. The scariest part was losing about 20 or more strands of hair everyday. (I believe all women could feel my pain)

I was ready to try on any product that can revive my hair. Nature’s Gate Organic came into my life and totally changed my hair. I could feel and see the excellent result in 3 weeks time. No more flake, no more dryness...my hair feels super clean, more volume and best of all it has shine and 'alive'. Most unbelievable truth was my scalp grew so strong that my hair hardly dropped, some days it dropped to less than 5 strands. My friends noticed the difference and I can vouch the quality is real.

Another confirmation came when I had dengue fever and stayed in hospital for 4 days confined on bed, which meant not washing my hair for 4 days long. Amazingly my scalp didn’t itch at all and my hair was soft and bouncy. The nurse who combed my hair commented that my hair texture is good. Immediately, I knew it was because of this product.

Many THANKS to the company for selling money’s worth and genuine quality hair products that saves my hair!"

Kenneth Fong

Lavender & Aloe Shampoo

"My scalp was itchy and sensitive, and I started balding as a result. I tried many types of shampoo and even hair tonic, nothing really helped. Then I tried the organic shampoo my wife bought overseas. The itch started reducing until it was gone. Now, my scalp is no longer sensitive and my hair has grown back. I’m so glad I can now find the shampoo in Singapore."


Lemongrass Clary Sage, Tea Tree & Blue Cypress Shampoo

"I have recently purchased Nature's Gate Organics Lemongrass & Clary Sage Shampoo. A month ago, I purchased my first Nature's Gate Organics Tea Tree and Blue Cypress Shampoo. I am very impressed with the Tea Tree Shampoo. Not only did it get rid of my dandruff, it also gives my hair a new life. None of the shampoos I tried in the past cured my dandruff condition. Instead it made it worse, due to the high chemical content which made me suffer from hair loss.

Now, I'm glad I've made the right choice. My mum noticed the difference and said she could no longer see any dandruff on my hair and my black hair is even darker than before. She too, uses the tea tree shampoo, though she does not have dandruff. She noticed her hair is fuller and livelier. Now my brothers, my mum and I are using the Lemongrass shampoo. It's just as good as the Tea Tree Shampoo. Thank you for bringing such a fabulous product to people like us!"


Victorian Emerald Cypress Shampoo

"My hair feels much softer and no longer as oily as before."


Chamomile and Lemon Verbena Shampoo

"Ever since I was aware of the harmful effects that commercial shampoos will do to our hair from a magazine article, I have switched to use Nature’s Gate green organic Chamomile and Lemon Verbena Shampoo. It really changed my life a lot as it helps my skin feel supple and soft. I bathed in peace knowing that my skin is getting the best it can. Besides, I can really feel the difference after using it as I feel that my skin is able to breathe better, thus, I can sleep comfortably at night after my shower. I urge all those who are really concern to take good care of their skin-the largest organ of the human body, to use this shampoo and experience the difference for yourself. It’s a decision that you surely won’t regret and in fact, will continue to use it after you have tried it for the first time."

Sharon Ho

Chamomile & Lemon Verbena, Asian Pear& Red Tea Shampoo & Conditioner

"My permed hair used to be rather dry, and I have slight acne problem. After visiting my dermatologist, I was advised to stay away from chemical hair products. Hence, I decided to try these organic hair products. After my first trial, I have stopped using other hair products! Not only had my hair become softer and more manageable, my acne condition has improved tremendously. Both my dermatologist and myself are very happy with the results

Subsequently, I decided to try the Asian Pear and Red Tea Rejuvenating Shampoo and Conditioner. I fell in love with the smell instantly, and have been using this range ever since. Even my fiancé has started using them.

Thank you, iluvorganic!"

Jessica Lau

Mandarin Orange & Patchouli Shampoo

"First things first, the smell...it is by far the most ‘tasty’ shampoo I’ve ever came across. Using it for its therapeutic effect on one’s mood is a good enough reason, not to mention its super impact on my dull black hair. I bought it for shine and it gave me more! My oily scalp was transformed; could be due to orange extract, it neutralizes my oil production and gives life to my hair. So much for an all-natural product…someone even asked if I was wearing a wig! Makes me very, very happy."

Jenny Cheng

Persimmon & Rose Geranium Shampoo & Conditioner

"No more flakes! No more hair loss! My scalp was dry and I suffered from dandruff & hair loss, which was embarrassing. After using this organic hair care, my hair has stopped dropping and there are no more flakes! My scalp feels so soothed & calm while my hair has become silkier & more moisturized."

Stephanie Kho

Asian Pear & Red Tea Shampoo & Conditioner

"I have frizzy hair and it causes me a lot of frustration. Thanks to this shampoo! It soothes and calms my hair."


Body Care

Jasmine Ong

Body Lotion

"My 8 yr old daughter has extremely dry, flaky and itchy skin. She often scratches her skin till it bleeds. I have used many different types of cream from the doctor and even resort to using Chinese herbs but nothing works. It pains me to see her scratching even when she is sleeping. However, after using the Chamomile body lotion, her skin has tremendously improved & completely healed of her condition. Her skin is so smooth & supple now. Bye to flaky & itchy skin!!!"

Fiona Tng

Chamomile & Lemon Verbena Shower Gel, Lavender & Aloe Shower Gel and Body Lotion

"I have rather sensitive skin for as long as I can remember. My skin often becomes itchy, or develops rashes shortly after bathing, so I keep changing shower gels. After using the Chamomile Shower Gel, I realize that my skin feels comfortable and no longer feels itchy. I also use the Lavender Shower Gel and Lavender Body Lotion as it soothes my skin. I feel so free without all these skin irritations. I simply love it!"